About Schema Therapy Training Online

Schema Therapy Training Online was founded in 2019, by Robert Brockman and Chris Hayes. The two met as co-facilitators in 2013 and recognised a mutual enthusiasm for the modality.

Living on opposite sides of Australia, they were far away in distance but they continually met at events and were brought together in educational forums.

Recognising a shared respect for education and their ISST accreditations, they joined forces shortly after meeting to present in-person training. Their partnership and pursuit of education took them around the world.

They have presented, held workshops and lectured about Schema Therapy in 18 countries including The Netherlands, Singapore, the United Kingdom and New Zealand. 

Their drive to progress the modality and broaden it’s scope has continually focused their career towards education, though both are still practicing therapists. The aim of Schema Therapy Training Online is to develop engaging, well designed “bite sized” parcels of learning, allowing for better on-line engagement and learning. 

In addition to in-person training, professorships and writing the duo have a podcast called ‘What’s the Schemata’, where they interview their greatest influences and individuals they recognise as leaders in Schema Therapy.

In 2021, they founded a second school focusing on Imagery Rescripting, offering their colleagues a hands-on way to learn and practice. 

To date course presenters and podcast guests have included Jeffery Young (the originator of Schema Therapy), Arnoud Arntz. Wendy Behary, Lars Masden, Liz Lacy and Chris Hepworth. 

Mission Statement

Our goal is to improve the effectiveness of the modality by making Schema Therapy education more accessible, and creating a space where people can learn in an environment that suits their style, whether that’s self-paced or in live sessions.

Vision Statement 

We want to create a community where colleagues can exchange ideas, support each other and improve their practice.