Limited Reparenting

In this episode of 'What's the Schemata', Robert Brockman and Chris Hayes discuss Limited Reparenting. This is a free resource designed to help Schema Therapists further their learning about Limited Reparenting.

"Limited reparenting can be the most exciting part of the model and the most anxiety-provoking,"

Rob continues -

"It can be more activating - or triggering - for therapists."

Limited reparenting is about meeting a person's unmet needs from their childhood.

It can mean, for example, helping them set healthy boundaries.

In another example, Chris and Rob discuss addressing the failure schema - Rob says -

"If you have self-doubt, meeting your need might be, someone pulling you in and saying 'you've got this. This is not beyond what you can do.'"

Be aware of which mode is activated

"You have to be aware of their modes. If they're in the Detached Protector mode, they're going to respond differently," says Rob.

"You have to really get in there and meet that need," says Chris, explaining understanding modes, will change their level of responsiveness.

Setting boundaries with empathic confrontation

Many of our patients come to us in very vulnerable states, with abusive backgrounds. They often need nurturing, but they can also need to be encouraged to set boundaries.

Chris says - "early on, I found empathic confrontation a challenge - no one taught me how to deal with that."

Further explaining, "Many therapists learn to nurture, but they need guidance with other areas like empathic confrontation."

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