January, 2022

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Sexual addiction discussed with Liz Lacy and Amber Dalsin

Whether you have completed the course offered by Liz Lacy, or not, you are likely to find this podcast interesting.

Amber Dalsin MSc, RPsych asks Liz questions about childhood development, intimacy and sexual addiction.

The two touch on porn addiction, infidelity, online relationships and more.

From emotional deprivation to specific patient examples of enmeshment giving the illusion of intimacy, the two cover a broad range of subjects.

Where in our lifespan do you see that most sexual intimacy problems begin to develop?

"Let's say you're looking at this list of core sexual needs that need to be met," explains Liz.

"What starts to happen is a lot of them aren't [met].

Body acceptance is not there, there isn't much affection or touch. The child suffers. Even without knowing the child suffers.

You also don't have a lot of attachment to the parents and sexuality ends up inserted in there somewhere too early or inappropriately and you end up getting the recipe that starts to spell intimacy problems.."

Listen to the full podcast.

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