Episode 18: What's the Schemata Podcast with Katrina Boterhoven de Haan

As a self-proclaimed "Imagery Rescripting geek", Katrina is both a researcher and therapist who practices Schema Therapy, Imagery Rescripting and EMDR.

In this episode host Robert Brockman and guest Katrina talk about her introduction to Imagery Rescripting, specific examples and approaches to practice, as well as their new venture with Chris Hayes.

Katrina is optimistic for the future.

"Trauma is more talked about now. My hope is that treatment will be more accessible," says Katrina, explaining how she hopes people will continue to find it easier to discuss over time.

As far as therapists approach goes we always have more to learn -

"While we have theories and think we understand it, there are a lot more processes going on and I think we need to find out a lot more. Perth is a great hub for learning because there are so many kinds of trauma treatments here."

Learn more about Katrina's work and visit our new school focusing on Imagery Rescripting here.