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Schema Therapy 2024 (Level 1)

Schema Therapy for Children & Adolescents (ST- CA) is a specialist adaptation of Schema Therapy designed to assist children, adolescents and their families. ST-CA model approaches schemas and modes from a perspective of developmental stages, with specific guidance and creative ideas for engaging young people in each age group Integrates the child's environment, involving parents and other carers in children's schema therapy by exploring their own behavioural patterns and schema modes.

The training presents a wide range of innovative child- and parent-specific techniques, with detailed guidance on how to apply them across developmental stages from childhood to young adults.

The training will be held live via Zoom for the following times:

Session 1- 8th July 2024, 4 pm- 9.30pm AEST (Syd/ Melb),2- 7.30pm (Perth/ Singapore/ HK)

Session 2 - 9th July 2024, 2 4 pm- 9.30pm AEST (Syd/ Melb),2- 7.30pm (Perth/ Singapore/ H)

Session 3 - 15 July Session 3, 4 pm- 9.30pm AEST (Syd/ Melb),2- 7.30pm (Perth/ Singapore/ HK)

Session 4 - 16 July 2024, 4 pm- 9.30pm AEST (Syd/ Melb),2- 7.30pm (Perth/ Singapore/HK)

The level 1 training will cover 

  • the conceptual model and underlying theory specific to schema therapy for children and adolescents. 
  • Diagnostic techniques specific to children and adolescent cases (e.g., projective methods). 
  • The therapy relationship in working with children and adolescents and parents. (e.g., the concept of “limited reparenting” and “empathic confrontation”) 
  • the effect of child temperament and personality factors in childhood and adolescence.
  • Working on a positive and open relationship via limited reparenting
  • Resources, strengths, achievements
  • Positive Schemas
  • Emotional needs
  • Schemas and Coping strategies
  • Imagery Parent Interview
  • Creating a Mode Sketch
  • Conducting a Mode Interview
  • Working with (stem) stories
  • Working with finger and hand puppets
  • Working with chair dialogues (3-Chair dialogue: “Mode driving license”)
  • Working with mode cards (Mode walk: Feel, Talk, & Walk)
  • Working with chair dialogues (2-Chair dialogue: Focus Critic/Punisher)
  • Imagery (Fantasy Trip to the Clever & Wise Mode)

The training will also feature practical demonstrations through picture and video material or live demonstrations and supervised skills practice.

The training is live and can be used for accreditation in Schema Therapy for Children and Adolescents (ST-CA). The training is the initial workshop (of 2). The training is the coursework component of accreditation (supervision and tape rating are separate).

Who is this training for? This training is suitable for a range of professionals who practice psychotherapy, including psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and other professions with psychotherapy training, according to legislation or rules in their country.

For more information regarding accreditation requirements

Places are limited to 20 people.

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Schema Therapy for Child & Adolescents

Dr Christof Loose (Germany)

Clinical Psychologist

Christof Loose, PhD., Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist for Children and Adolescents (CBT), works in his own Private Practice in Dusseldorf, affiliated with the Heinrich-Heine-University, Department of Clinical Psychology, Germany 2012-2017, research activity, e.g. in ST-CA (Development of Schema-Questionnaire for Children (DISC), Chair of the subcommittee Working Group in ST-CA 2013-2017, since 2013 advanced-level certified, trainer and supervisor (ISST e.V.), editor and author of ST-CA books and Video-Learning (DVD), conducts workshops and seminars in Schema Therapy for Children, Adolescents and Parents, worldwide.