Level 2: Child & Adolescent Schema Therapy 2024

The training is live and can be used for specialised accreditation in Schema Therapy for Children and Adolescents (ST-CA). This is made up of 6 days of training.

Week 1: July 29 and 30th, 2024 4 pm- 9.30 pm AEST (Syd/ Melb), 2- 7.30 pm (Perth/ Singapore/ HK)

Week 2: August 19 & 20, 2024 4 pm- 9.30 pm AEST (Syd/ Melb), 2- 7.30 pm (Perth/ Singapore/ HK)

Week 3: 9 & 10 September 2024 pm- 9.30pm AEST (Syd/ Melb), 2- 7.30pm (Perth/ Singapore/ HK)

This workshop follows the Level 1 training. The programme will focus on advanced and deepened work with parents in terms of "Schema Coaching for Parents", which includes schema or mode-specific transactional processes between child and parent and sheds light on the mutual reinforcement processes of child's and parent's maladaptive schemas and modes.

Besides the features of schema theory, the workshops offer many practical demonstrations through picture and video material or life demonstrations. Small exercises allow the participants to transfer the content into their practice.

 ST-CA: Focus on Parents & Schema-Coaching, Case Conceptualization, and Play Therapy 

The focus will be laid on the features of the work with parents ("Schema Coaching for Parents"), including psychoeducation, work with chairs, mode flashcards, internal dialogue and imagery. Another goal of this workshop is to apply the schematic therapeutic approaches to their cases. After the case presentation in the plenary, participants will work out in small groups the schema therapeutic case concept and treatment plan of this patient and their family. Based on already implemented schema-based treatment, techniques progress and problems in the used interventions are discussed. In the last week, participants will learn how to work with the "Inner House" and follow the schema therapeutic approaches in the context of Play Therapy (preschool and primary school age). In particular, the content and methods are:

•Therapeutic relationship with parents: "Limited Grandparenting"

• Utilising and enhancing parental resources, strengths, and achievements

• Education of the need model, schema, and mode concept

• Schema Genogram

• Family Board and House of Generations

• Collusion of schemas and modes between the therapist and the patient(child/parents)

• Imagery (Visualizing Caring Parental Modes)

• Imagery Rescripting

• Conceptualization in ST-CA and treatment planning for their cases

• Working on the "Inner House."

• Mode-oriented play therapy

• Special problems in ST-CA

Places are limited, with a maximum of 20 attendees. 

Register and Payment (Price in Australian Dollars)

Dr Christof Loose (Germany)

Clinical Psychologist

Christof Loose, PhD., Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist for Children and Adolescents (CBT), works in his own Private Practice in Dusseldorf, affiliated with the Heinrich-Heine-University, Department of Clinical Psychology, Germany 2012-2017, research activity, e.g. in ST-CA (Development of Schema-Questionnaire for Children (DISC), Chair of the subcommittee Working Group in ST-CA 2013-2017, since 2013 advanced-level certified, trainer and supervisor (ISST e.V.), editor and author of ST-CA books and Video-Learning (DVD), conducts workshops and seminars in Schema Therapy for Children, Adolescents and Parents, worldwide.